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Serim : +90 533 324 49 52 - export@polsanbutton.com.tr

Erol : +90 533 660 21 09 erol@polsanbutton.com.tr

If you cannot reach at us due to the hour difference, please send an e-mail to the above-mentioned addresses. We’ll get back to you at the earliest.

With an experience of 60 years, Polsan Button Industries is the biggest polyester button manufacturer and exporter of Turkey, Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia. (Approximately 300.000.000 pcs of button per month)

Using the highest and the latest technologies we are producing all kind of polyester buttons, buckles and toggles, as well as corozo, real horn, real bone and wood buttons, and significant range of various textile accessories.

With the introduction of new machines with latest technology and addition of an experienced team, Polsan Button’s metal button production, which was initiated in 2010, became 100% under Polsan's production structure in 2013. In its new location, Polsan is now providing metal accessories to the global market with the established Polsan quality and service standards.

Polsan is a Customer Oriented Company. Satisfaction of the customer is our first aim. All Polsan’s staff are aware that the company policy is good service, based on a high quality production with reasonable and competitive pricing and fast delivery. With the “Okoteks” Certificate of Standard and ISO 9001:2000, Polsan approves his quality in buttons and organization while giving best service to our customers.

As well as working with most of the brands in Turkey, we are proud of becoming the worldwide nominated button supplier of the well known global brands in European and American markets. This is why Polsan's motto is " We are all around the world."

• To offer the best quality and the best service.

• To be the first preferred solution-partner doing studies and presentations related to the needs of every single customer.

• To make sustainable contacts adopting the rights and the values of our wholesalers, agents, customers and workers and making no concession on quality, business ethics and honesty.

• To wave the flag of our country with pride and success always racing to the top in domestic and foreign markets with our sense of quality and our sense of high-quality service .